Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's a beautiful thing.

I have had a weekend of sleep, books, naps, movies, and lots more sleep. It has been absolutely wonderful. Mental clarity has returned, along with proportionate emotional responses, conversational skills, and the ability to operate a motor vehicle without feeling like I'm in a video game. Or as much as I ever really possess these things. Some more than others.

Things of note:

  • If you haven't already seen the new Star Trek movie, do so. Even if you're not a fan of Star Trek. I've never been, in the slightest. It is a great movie, and a ton of fun.
  • If you live remotely near Houston and have an extra $1000 laying around, go see this. Better yet, buy me a seat (and plane tickets.)
  • Mamasan's Taiwanese beef noodle soup is the perfect compliment to watching MST3K.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Futzing around with the formatting on here, and I seem to have monkeyed it up, without knowing quite how to fix it. Imagine that. On the upside, the 87 shades of blue please me.

Still could not sleep last night. Well, I did eventually - got about 4.5 hours, which would be not too bad on a normal night, but horrible when you've gotten less than ten accumulated for the whole week. Did not add to the list of random things I do, because I was so exhausted and frustrated that I did nothing but lay there and silently scream at the universe. Also a bit of undignified weeping.

There's another reason I can't sleep, and that's because last weekend I caught one (possibly two) men, shining flashlights into my living room windows a little before six in the morning, while still pitch black dark outside. I only caught them because I'm an insomniac and was still awake, and because I chose that very moment to get up and open the indoor wooden shutters on those windows so the light could come in when the sun rose. It was a cool night and all the windows were open in the back and sides of the house to let the breeze in. Once I realized what was happening, I grabbed my .38 special, and raced around from bedroom to bedroom slamming and locking all the windows. That seemed to take forever, and they were gone when I got back to the living room.

It rattled me then, but not half as much as it has in the days since. It took a bit to sink in that I was incredibly lucky that I was awake and happened to choose that very moment to open the shutters. Had I been asleep in my bed, with all those windows open, and my gun in the desk in the living room, I don't know what would have happened.

I live in such a quiet, idyllic little neighborhood. Where until this year I've never worried about leaving windows open or even locking the back door. I'm not stupid or naive, I moved here from a borderline neighborhood in Chicago, and before that a downright ghetto in West Philly. It's just that quiet and safe where I live. Or was, anyway.

So, yes. I will admit to being a little scared to fall asleep now, uneasy in my own home. It's an awful feeling.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things I Do When You're Asleep (Or, Insomnia is Effing Boring)

  • Devised brilliant weight loss plan using heat from laptop battery that's been on for six weeks to melt fat away. Put into practice.
  • Wikipedia surf: Began at Samoa, ended at foot binding.
  • Discovered Things of Interest when I stumbled across amusing linked page on Geocide. Spent much time clicking around Sam Hughes' site.
  • Watched new movie trailers online, told myself to go see them in the theater. I won't, but I will maintain my false conviction until such time as I actually have to act.
  • Fluffed and smoothed India's fur in various fashions for maximum kitten stylishness.
  • Made some lists. I like lists. Lists of lists.
  • Attempted to prove Fermat's last theorem in my head, via deductive reasoning and hardly any math, in ten steps or less. Took quite seriously. Felt confident in my success, and proud of my previously undiscovered mathematical genius. Suck it, Andrew Wiles.
  • Put on high heels to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen for water, to enjoy satisfying clicking noise on hardwood floor.
  • Started this list.